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Mysterious HTC smartwatch leaks, looks to be focused on fitness

by Brandon Russell | January 23, 2017January 23, 2017 11:45 am PST

HTC has had a tumultuous relationship with wearables. The company was rumored to release a smartwatch as recently as 2015, only to pivot to devices focused on fitness. That didn’t quite pan out as planned, as HTC wound up delaying the release of its wearables indefinitely, saying it wanted to take a renewed approach to the market.

Well, according to a new leak, we may finally see that renewed approach bare fruit.

Images of an known HTC smartwatch have hit Weibo, revealing a device that’s running Android Wear and made in partnership with Under Armour, a company HTC has been working with for a a few years. The device looks a lot like other fitness-focused Android Wear devices, bearing a striking resemblance to Motorola’s recent sport watch.

What’s special about HTC’s watch?

As for what will be special about HTC’s smartwatch, that much remains unclear. There’s not much information included with the pictures shared on Weibo, and it’s tough to say how recently they were taken. It is worth noting, however, that the device appears to be running Android Wear 1.0, rather then the new update that’s scheduled to hit early next month.

With Mobile World Congress around the corner, perhaps we’ll learn more information then. HTC will have to do a lot more than include GPS and a heart rate monitor to sell a smartwatch.


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