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Galaxy Note 8 release coming, despite Galaxy Note 7 disaster, exec confirms

by Todd Haselton | January 23, 2017January 23, 2017 5:30 am PDT

Speaking with CNET recently, Samsung’s head of mobile DJ Koh confirmed that there will be a successor to the Galaxy Note 7. It’s something we weren’t sure was going to happen, at least in the face of the disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7. The phone hit the market last year and, after two different battery-related problems, was ultimately recalled twice and killed entirely.

“I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8,” Koh told CNET. He didn’t reveal any features, of course, but the Galaxy Note 7 was one of the most innovative smartphones on the market when it launched. It was just prone to catching fire, suggesting that perhaps Samsung moved a little too quickly in its efforts to make an innovative device.

I’d buy a Galaxy Note 8

Until now, it seemed entirely possible that Samsung might kill off the Galaxy Note branding moving forward, at least until consumers forgot about the issues related to the Galaxy Note 7. I think it makes perfect sense for Samsung to push forward, though. The Galaxy Note family basically ushered in the “phablet” era of smartphones, is often praised for its next-gen features,  has a huge fanbase of folks who love the S Pen and more.

There’s no doubt the Galaxy Note 7 caused a huge headache for buyers, including yours truly who went through the recall process twice, but it’s a brand name I think Samsung should keep alive. Let’s just hope Samsung sticks by its promise to improve its battery tests. I’m not so sure I’d be as bullish if another recall happens.


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