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Logan trailer features X-Men comics made specifically for the movie

by Brandon Russell | January 20, 2017January 20, 2017 12:00 pm PDT

In the new trailer for Logan, Hugh Jackman’s Logan scoffs at the fact that Laura (aka X-23) is an X-Men fan. It’s a fun meta moment that we weren’t expecting, and shows the young new mutant looks up to Wolverine and Professor X.

“We got ourselves an X-Men fan,” Logan says, holding up a comic titled “The Uncanny X-Men.” On it, a green-looking pterodactyl monster holds what appears to be a limp Wolverine, with Storm following close behind.

“Maybe a quarter of it happened, but not like this,” Logan says.

Although the cover wasn’t standard, fans just assumed it was an old X-Men comic uncovered from Marvel’s archives and cleverly placed in the movie. Turns out, only have of that statement is true.

They aren’t real!

The comics used in the movie aren’t actually real, according to artist Dan Panosian, who revealed on Twitter that he was commissioned to create unique art specifically for the film.

Panosian has provided art for Marvel comics before, so his ties go way back. It’s neat that he was able to create something unique for a Marvel movie. According to Panosian, he even wrote and drew the interior story we briefly see onscreen. That’s some awesome attention to detail.

Seeing X-Men comics in an X-Men movie is a fun way to acknowledge what these characters mean to us as viewers and younger mutants. In this case, Laura, who is a clone of Wolverine. It’s also very fitting because this will probably be the last time we see Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Professor X.

DanPanosian (Twitter) io9

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