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Donald Trump ditches his Android smartphone

by Todd Haselton | January 20, 2017January 20, 2017 7:00 am PDT


President-elect Donald Trump (or President Donald Trump, depending on when you read this)  has ditched his standard Android smartphone for a more secure device. President-elect Donald Trump has been well-known for using Android phones; plenty of his tweets have suggested he prefers the platform when posting messages on-the-go. The change is akin to when President Barack Obama had to give up his personal BlackBerry before entering the White House, though he has been known to continue carrying the device throughout his presidency.

The switch from Android to a secure smartphone also comes with the Secret Service requesting President-elect Donald Trump stop using his own airplane and adopt the more-secure Air Force One jet. “This week, he was forced to abandon his cherished ‘Trump’ 757 for an Air Force jet, and, according to people close to the transition, he has traded in his Android phone for a secure, encrypted device approved by the Secret Service with a new number that few people possess,” The New York Times said.

Trump’s smartphone

I’m not sure what smartphone Trump has switched to, though the US government has indeed approved some Android and iOS devices for government use; both platforms are still issued by the Department of Defense, for example. Trump may have something even more secure, however.

While President Obama did indeed continue to use other devices, his official smartphone apparently prevented him from doing much, even snapping photos. According to Fortune, he told Jimmy Fallon last summer the following: “This is a great phone, state of the art, but it doesn’t take pictures, you can’t text, the phone doesn’t work, you can’t play your music on it. So basically, it’s like—does your 3-year old have one of those play phones?”

The New York Times Rolling Stone

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