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The newest Logan trailer shows X-23 kicking all kinds of butt

by Brandon Russell | January 19, 2017January 19, 2017 1:00 pm PDT

The Marvel movie-verse has provided audiences with plenty of harmless fun, from visiting far-off alien worlds to getting acquainted with a talking tree. Even Deadpool, for all its fourth-wall-breaking, was, in the end, relatively mild. That’s why I’m so excited to see Logan, which is all dirt and grime and raw emotion.

Logan actually looks like it means something, which hasn’t always been the case in previous comic book movies. For all of the world-saving these heroes do, they forget to show human emotion, so becoming attached to these characters, even someone like Captain America, has been hard to do.

We’ve seen Logan and Professor X through a lot of different movies, but never like this. In a world devoid of mutants, the two are all that’s left, but their powers and their will to live is fading fast. Out of nowhere comes a young girl named Laura, who is confirmed to be Logan’s clone, known as X-23.

It’s clear the movie wants to establish Logan as someone who does not want anything to do with Laura. But he has a soft spot for protecting others, and Logan soon takes Laura under his wing.

Laura may not even need protecting, however, as the final trailer shows. She fights with the same feral viciousness that we’ve seen from a younger Logan. It’s something you can see him quietly acknowledge even though he tries telling her he’s not who he used to be.

There’s a meta X-men reference

While it’s weird to see X-Men comics in an X-Men movie, I get what director James Mangold is trying to do. Clearly, Laura looks up to Logan and Professor X, and is simply looking for them to accept her for who she is, not shun her and run away.

I’m guessing the majority of the film will focus on her relationship with Logan and how he slowly begins to become her protector (as if she even needs it). Remember Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us? Yeah, Logan is probably going to be a lot like that.

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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