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Nintendo Switch’s port of I Am Setsuna has a PvP mode… huh?

by Ron Duwell | January 19, 2017January 19, 2017 8:00 pm PDT

One of 2016’s most enjoyable and endearing JRPGs, the budget title I Am Setsuna, captured our hearts with its snow covered world, its simplistic piano tunes, and its cast of likable characters. You know, though, when I was playing the game, do you know what I thought?

“Man, this classic JRPG could really use a PvP mechanic.”

Just kidding. Not a soul on Earth thought that while playing through I Am Setsuna‘s emotion tale, but that’s exactly what the Nintendo Switch version of the game is getting. According to Square Enix, the new mode will be free day-1 DLC for anyone who buys the Switch version. Players will be able to access a new area called the Arena of Time and play against their friends.

Tokyo RPG Factory will also allow for them to further tweak the battle system.

Okay, I guess. That’s kind of cool… I’m not sure why

Talk about random? Are they aiming for some kind of portable JRPG angle, trying to get in there while Pokémon is still not on the console. I don’t get it at all.

What I do get, though, is that I Am Setsuna has one of the deepest characters customization systems in recent memory, and players can construct vastly different builds for each of the game’s unique characters. It will impress me to no end to see how far fans take this and start to make teams based on tiers and ranks. The combinations feel like they would be endless in I Am Setsuna.

So, while crazy, it does make sense in that this game will really challenge players’ tactical approaches.

I Am Setsuna is a launch title for the Nintendo Switch and will be available on March 3. The game is already available through the PlayStation 4 and PC. No word of this DLC has been made for those platforms yet.

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