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Use Java like the experts do with this Professional Java Developer Bundle, now just $19

by Danny Zepeda | January 18, 2017January 18, 2017 4:30 pm PDT


Java has been a cornerstone of the internet for years now, and for good reason. Thanks to its simplicity, versatility, and adaptability, this programming language remains one of the most widely-used platforms around. Make sure you’ve mastered that vital tool with this Professional Java Developer Bundle, which you can get for only $19 in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

With 14 hours of instruction, these two courses will take you from complete newbie to advanced Java expert, even if you’ve never had any coding experience:

In your first course Learn Java Programming from Scratch, you’ll get a deep dive into fundamental Java platforms and practices. Get familiar with the syntax, the principles of object-oriented programming, and how that relates to building websites, games, apps — the works.

From there, you’ll move up to Intermediate & Advanced Java Programming, which takes all of your learning to the next level. This expert-level tutorial moves your learning from theory to practice, actually creating working websites and games that put your intensive training on full display.

Once you’ve mastered Java, you’ll have a marketable talent that’ll help get you to the top of any job recruiter’s pile. Usually priced at over $1,260, you can jump on this deal to lock in this over 90% discount before the offer ends.

Danny Zepeda

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