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Persona 5 is what happens when anime kids play too much Metal Gear

by Ron Duwell | January 18, 2017January 18, 2017 7:00 pm PDT

Persona 5 is without a doubt the coolest game in recent memory, or perhaps ever. “Cool” defined not as a shoving a chainsaw into an alien’s face, an expansive fantasy world to explore, or those undisputable classic Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda moments. I mean genuinely “cool,” in a way that actually deserves the word.

Slick music, great style, spectacular use of color, and some of the baddest character art around. This is James Bond, demon hunter. Michael Jackson if he became a thief and fought back against the chills of the night. Cowboy Bebop of another worldly dimension.

Atlus has hit a level of “cool” that transcends normal video games with Persona 5. This trailer does a good job of capturing that in the gameplay as well as the presentation.

Persona 5 took a lot of risks in its development

You really have to admire the creative direction that Atlus took with this game. After hanging out with a normal group of urban Japanese kids in Persona 3 and their far more popular country-bumpkin counterparts in Persona 4, the writers had a huge task of making another group of memorable friends.

Instead of trying to one-up themselves once again, Atlus took the thieving delinquent route they did at the risk of alienating those who just want to play the game to hang out in Japan. The result is fresh and unique, a completely new spin on the franchise we never saw coming.

Just two more months and we’ll be able to play it finally! Persona 5 launches for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on April 4.


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