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Note 7 owners beware: Verizon to block outgoing calls

by Brandon Russell | January 17, 2017January 17, 2017 4:30 pm PDT

Samsung Galaxy Note 7-22

Samsung and its carrier partners have done everything they can—save for going to your home—to encourage Note 7 owners to stop using the device. Yet, there are still people out there who refuse to return or exchange the handset, something Verizon isn’t happy about.

According to a Verizon spokeswoman, via Fortune, there are still thousands of customers still using the Note 7 despite the worldwide recall. These users have apparently avoided the recent software upgrade issued by the carrier, which was designed to block the device from being recharged. Verizon says it’s going to begin blocking outgoing calls from Note 7 devices.

Apparently, the Note 7 is being put in a special category that will direct all outgoing calls, save for those meant for 911 emergency services, to Verizon’s customer service line. It’s unclear if users will still be able to make calls over Wi-Fi through apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, though in theory that should still work.

In addition, Verizon says it will begin billing Note 7 users for the full retail cost of the phone if devices don’t get returned.

“The recalled Note 7s post a safety risk to our customers and those around them,” a Verizon spokeswoman said.

Verizon famously refused to release a software update to Note 7 owners late last year, saying it added an unnecessary risk to the equation. However, the carrier later rolled the Note 7-killing software update out soon after the holidays were over.

You should return your device

I get that the Note 7 is a fantastic device you think you can’t live without, but you should return it. There are plenty of comparable devices on the market, so you have options aplenty. And, hey, if none of the devices available through Verizon tickle your fancy, there’s always the Galaxy S8, which should be launching very soon.

Samsung still hasn’t said why the Note 7 was blowing up, but the company should share those results soon. Hopefully, whatever caused the Note 7 to catch fire won’t happen to the Galaxy S8, which is already shaping up to be a contender for smartphone of the year.


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