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SEGA’s brilliant Sonic Mania confirmed for a Nintendo Switch release

by Ron Duwell | January 16, 2017January 16, 2017 6:00 pm PDT

The inner 90s kid in me still can’t help but do a double-take every time Sonic and Nintendo appear on the same screen, and that’s just what’s happening here. SEGA’s 16-bit throwback Sonic Mania has been confirmed for a release on the Nintendo Switch to just about nobody’s surprise.

The game already was rumored to make an appearance, and SEGA puts its number one guy on as many platforms as possible these days with Nintendo actually seeming like its priority partnership.

Sonic Mania is also scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

I just can’t let go of those old feelings

SEGA and Nintendo enjoyed a North American rivalry that lasted roughly five or six years during the reign of the NES, Super Nintendo and SEGA Genesis. Of course, this was before Sony entered the picture in 1995, and video games became a three-way race.

Likewise, it’s now been 16 years since the first Sonic game appeared on a Nintendo platform, meaning the rivalry has been out of existence much longer than it was in existence. Several generations of gamers have already come of age who will never know of the great feud from back then, and yet, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Sonic might appear in Super Smash Bros. already, and the two icons compete at every Olympic games. However, I feel need to see his 16-bit sprite duke it out with the Super Mario World sprite to put this all to rest. Maybe Nintendo will allow for a little extra and exclusive content in this version, just for old time’s sake.

16-bit Mario as a playable character, or even a boss battle, in Sonic Mania would just be an absolute dream come true.

How about it, Nintendo?


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