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Samsung to disclose Note 7 investigation results next week

by Killian Bell | January 16, 2017January 16, 2017 4:12 am PDT

Samsung has confirmed that it will disclose the results of its investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 explosions on January 23. Fans have been eager to find out what caused the flagship phablet to overheat, forcing Samsung to recall every single model sold.

Samsung began its probe last fall, soon after acknowledging complaints from a small but growing number of Note 7 adopters. The company initially blamed the problem on faulty batteries from a certain supplier and recalled all 2.5 million units sold.

It then set about replacing all those handsets with new models that used different batteries, but it quickly became apparent that those were prone to overheating, too. Samsung eventually had no choice but to undertake a second recall and cease production of the Note 7.

According to a report from Reuters, which cites a source familiar with the matter, the batteries used by Samsung were the main cause of the issue. Some rumors had suggested the Note 7’s curved design, which put pressure on the lithium-ion cell, may have been to blame.

However, Samsung will confirm the real reason next Monday, January 23, a day before it announces its fourth-quarter earnings results.

“To regain confidence from consumers, we will clearly point out what caused the Galaxy Note 7 to catch fire and announce follow-up measures,” an official told The Korea Herald. Samsung will be hoping the problem won’t have an affect on Galaxy S8 sales this spring.

Despite the Note 7’s dismally short run, it’s thought Samsung is still planning a Note 8 for later this year. The Note lineup has become an incredibly successful product for Samsung in recent years, and fans won’t want to see it discontinued just yet.

Killian Bell

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