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Green Lantern Corps movie finds its writers

by Sean P. Aune | January 13, 2017January 13, 2017 3:00 pm PDT

Green Lantern Corps - comics

After a lot of speculation about the status of the Green Lantern Corps movie, screenwriters have finally been announced and the project seems to be on the move.

A Green Lantern Corps movie has been on the docket for the DC Extended Universe for some time, but no real news has come out about it until this week. On Thursday it was announced that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes will be co-writing the script, but no announcement was made for a possible release date which would indicate where in the shared universe roadmap it falls.

The movie is said to focus on Hal Jordan and John Stewart, two of the men who have worn the ring in defense of sector 2814. With a title that involves the Corps as a whole, however, it seems highly doubtful they will be the only two ring slingers we see in the film.

Can they get Green Lantern right this time?

As a long time fan of Green Lantern, the 2011 film starring Ryan Reynolds was disappointing, to say the least. In a Reddit AMA three years ago, Goyer was asked, “How would David Goyer do Green Lantern?” His simple reply? “Better.” Seeing as he has Blade: Trinity on his resume, I wouldn’t be too quick to say that is a given.

Only time will tell if this is indeed the film Green Lantern fans have waited for. If they decide not to go with a CGI costume it will already feel like a win.

Sean P. Aune

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