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Nokia will announce more Android smartphones on February 26

Nokia has teased the upcoming release of more Android-powered smartphones on February 26. The Finnish firm just re-entered the handset industry with the midrange Nokia 6 built by HMD Global, but it seems there’s more up its sleeve.

The Nokia 6 will go on sale in the coming months, but it will be exclusive to China, which means you’ll have to get one imported if you live elsewhere. But Nokia obviously has plans to launch other devices globally, and some of those are likely to appear next month.

On Facebook, the official Nokia Mobile page has teased “more announcements to follow on February 26th.” This just happens to be the day before Mobile World Congress officially kicks off, so it’s likely Nokia will be hosting an event in Barcelona.

Its plans for that event are still unclear, so we don’t know how many handsets will be appearing, or what they will be like. What we do know is that they will be made by HMD Global, which has secured the rights to the Nokia name.

Hopefully, at least one of them will be a high-end handset that’s looking to take on the latest offerings from the likes of Samsung, LG, and Google. The Nokia 6 certainly looks pretty, but its midrange specifications mean it’s a little disappointing for most of us in the West.

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