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New leaks! The Nintendo Switch will sell for $299.99 at Target, 15 games at launch

by Ron Duwell | January 11, 2017January 11, 2017 6:00 am PDT

Another day, another chance for Nintendo Switch leaks. This one comes from Target, which has a $299.99 price tag slapped onto the console in its retail system. It is possible that this is just a placeholder price, but then again, it falls within the reasonable price range many are expecting.

Along with the rumored price, Target also has 15 slots for potential Nintendo Switch games, meaning that we could be seeing that many games when the console hits shelves this March.

Again this proves nothing, and it could just be Target preparing for the news event on Thursday. Nothing is set in stone until Nintendo says so.

$249.99 is a really fair price, and $299.99 is still reasonable

Joey wrote a nice piece earlier this week when Nikkei claimed that the Nintendo Switch would retail for roughly $250 in Japan. And I agreed, the lack of power is made up for by the cheaper price, and the portability is an amazing bonus that Microsoft and Sony can’t compete with.

When you tack on $50 to that price, I still think it’s a very fair one. Of course, it is rapidly approaching the price of the basic PlayStation 4 and Xbox One models, but seeing how most people already own those, the Nintendo Switch should be more closely compared to its contemporary hardware, the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio.

The point is… whatever. $50 on top of an incredibly fair price is still a fair price. And we’re not even sure this is how much it will sell for.

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