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Leaked Nintendo Switch accessories reveal lots of potential for the platform

by Joey Davidson | January 11, 2017January 11, 2017 12:00 pm EST

There’s a lot to be looked at with the first pile of accessories for the Nintendo Switch.

All of this comes from Hori, a third-party accessory maker with a history of working on Nintendo products. The leak comes from DroidXAce on Twitter.

There’s stuff like protective screen filters, unique stands, car chargers, unique controllers and special LAN adapters. If you want to take your eventual Nintendo Switch with you wherever you go, there might be lots of fancy third party toys to roll with. We gathered all the images into a gallery, which you’ll see at the head of this post.

What about that fighting stick?

The one that says a lot to me is the fighting stick. If Hori is making a fighting stick for the Nintendo Switch at launch, that means there’s going to be a fighting game worth playing. Smash? Maybe, but that game works well with controllers. What could Nintendo have lined up for tomorrow?

Pokkén for the Switch? We’ll see.


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