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JetBlue’s Fly-Fi Wi-Fi is now free for all passengers

by Todd Haselton | January 11, 2017January 11, 2017 1:30 pm PST


JetBlue announced on Thursday that its Fly-Fi in-flight Wi-Fi service is now free for all passengers.

There are a few ways that Fly-Fi stands out from services offered by other airlines, aside from the new free factor. JetBlue said the service is active from gate-to-gate, which means passengers won’t need to wait until a certain attitude to begin using the service, as is the case on other airlines.

Also, JetBlue said that customers can use multiple devices at once; other airlines require you to pay on a per-device basis, or switch from device to device using just one logged-in account at a time. That’s really compelling, since it means you can chat with friends on an iPhone while watching a movie on an iPad.

I frequently fly on United Airlines and often cough up the roughly $10 – $20 for internet access on every flight. That gets me pretty terrible speeds on a single device, so I’m pretty jealous of folks who can catch JetBlue from their local airport. I have an inkling this will change the industry, though. JetBlue’s free TV eventually caught on across airlines. Also, hotels used to charge for Wi-Fi (some still do) but, largely, the service has become free. Kudos, JetBlue.


Todd Haselton

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