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You can now deposit cash into your PayPal account at 7-Eleven

by Killian Bell | January 10, 2017January 10, 2017 5:00 am PDT

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If you got a ton of cash for Christmas and you want to spend it online, it needs to go digital. That’s even easier now that PayPal Cash just added 7-Eleven to its list of retail partners alongside CVS and Rite Aid.

PayPal Cash made its debut last spring, allowing users to deposit cash into their PayPal accounts — sidestepping a bank — for the first time.

The process is simple; you use the PayPal app on Android or iOS to generate a barcode, which you then take to a supported retailer. They scan it, you give them your cash, and the money ends up in your PayPal account.

CVS and Rite Aid were launch partners for the service, but PayPal just added 7-Eleven to the mix, making the service even more accessible in the U.S. But there are still a few limitations: You can deposit a maximum of $500 per day, and up to $4,000 per month.

There’s also a $3.95 fee you’ll have to pay each time you use the service, so it’s not ideal for really small amounts of cash. But if you have plenty to deposit and you live closer to a 7-Eleven than you do your bank, it’s super convenient.

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