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Star Wars: Episode VIII director knows the movie’s title—but he won’t say what it is

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Over a year before Star Wars: Episode VII was released, Disney officially gave the movie a title, revealing the name on its Twitter page. Well, we’re 11 months from the release of Episode VIII, and the movie still doesn’t have a name. Or, it does, Disney just doesn’t want to tell us.

In an interview with Episode VIII director Rian Johnson (Brick, Looper), it’s revealed Disney has had a title for the sequel since work began on the film a few years ago.

“It was in the very first draft I wrote,” Johnson said.

So what is it? Predictably, Johnson didn’t reveal that bit of information to USA Today. However, he did indicate the title should be revealed soon. “All in good time, my friend.”

With the release of Rogue One now behind us, it’s time to start preparing for Episode VIII, which is currently is post-production. With a lot of mysteries still unsolved from the first film, the title could potentially give us an idea of what to expect, as it has in the past.

There have been a few rumored titles kicking around over the past several months, one as recently as December, which said the episode will be called “Forces of Destiny.” That sounds more like a Halo expansion than a Star Wars movie.

Johnson reveals other Episode VIII tidbits

In the same interview, Johnson reiterates information we’ve already heard, such as Rey developing a strong connection with Luke, and the film delving deeper into characters such as Rey, Finn, and Poe.

Additionally, Johnson said he wanted the sequel to “be a blast and funny” in the same way The Force Awakens was. Many people expect Episode VIII to match the tone of The Empire Strikes Back , which is one of the darker entries in the Skywalker saga. According to Johnson, however, it will still have its lighter moments.

Star Wars: Episode VIII will hit theaters on Dec. 15, 2017.


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