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NES Classic crammed into a Game Boy by Japanese modders

by Ron Duwell | January 10, 2017January 10, 2017 11:30 am PDT

In what is far and away the most impressive use of the Famicom Mini, Japan’s version of the NES Classic Edition, a group of modders called Kei Studio have crammed the device into a Game Boy, allowing for it to be played anywhere.

The team shows off their “Famicom Pocket” in a 25-minute video that details how each game is played. The creation supports all 30 of the games available on the actual device, and it even allows multiplayer to be played through the use of the Game Boy’s classic connection cables.

The video also explains how modders can make their own, and the English subtitles at the bottom certainly help those who can’t speak Japanese. The biggest problem is recreating that flawless design on the Game Boy casing. That’s sexy and impressive.

But the Nintendo Switch might be able to play these games, too

It’s a cool experiment, but let’s not forget that the Nintendo Switch will be both portable and might access to Virtual Console, which will play most if not all of the games on the Famicom Mini and the NES Classic Edition. Outside of the original 8-bit Final Fantasy, every game on there is playable through one of the Virtual Console platforms.

That’s not to say it renders this product completely useless. If that were the case, we’d never have bought the actual retail item either. The NES Classic Edition has always been about the nostalgia, not the convenience.

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