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NES Classic hacked, users can add up to 90 games

by Joey Davidson | January 9, 2017January 9, 2017 10:00 am PST

Over the weekend, word started pouring in that some hackers had finally managed to crack the NES Classic Edition and inject their microconsoles with more games. Take, for instance, the video above from YouTuber Bakke. They managed to get up to 84 games.

Word has it that the system caps out at 90 games before displaying a “C8 error.” Still, 80 is 50 more than the 30 that comes on the NES Classic.

Users on Reddit who have tried this stuff have reported a range of success, miserable failure and even computers infected with viruses. Needless to say, this is an “attempt at your own risk” endeavor. You can find instructions for doing this whole thing in various comments here, and the original post offers that it comes from a separate Russian hacking source.

My advice? If you have the technical know-how to do this, go for it. Just be sure that you’re comfortable watching out for malicious software on your computer and don’t mind the possibility of bricking your NES Classic. If you can check those two boxes, good luck!

Which directions should you follow on Reddit?

It looks like most users are having success with the directions posted by Redditor madmonkey1907. You can find their post here. Again, good luck with this. Don’t try this if you’re at all hesitant.

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