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Learn to stop state-sponsored cyber-terrorism with this elite-level security training

by Danny Zepeda | January 9, 2017January 9, 2017 5:30 am PDT


Everyone from the largest conglomerates to the most powerful governments around the globe are clamoring for top-flight web security talent. Protecting your interests from cyber-threats is an exploding growth industry — and you can capitalize on that trend and build a whole new career with training like this Comprehensive Cyber Threat Analysis Bundle.

In your first course, Cyber Security Threat Intelligence Researcher, you’ll learn how to neutralize all the everyday cybersecurity schemes that can threaten your network. From malware and viruses to blunt-force cyber-terrorism, you’ll understand what it takes to be a cyber threat researcher, using cutting-edge tools to stop attacks and trace them back to their source.

Next, the Cyber Security Advanced Persistent Threat Defender training will train you for the Super Bowl of IT protection: defending against state-sponsored attacks. With cyber threats launched by North Korea, China, and Russia dominating headlines, you’ll go deep into techniques used by governments and learn sophisticated tactics for battling the most dangerous web-based threats on the planet.

Once you’re done, you’ll have the knowledge to become a sought after cybersecurity pro, ready to command a premium paycheck with the most powerful companies and institutions in the world. Valued at $2,000, this ultra-updated package of training can be yours for just $44 right now.

Danny Zepeda

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