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Tomb Raider reboot lead writer Rhianna Pratchett is moving on

by Joey Davidson | January 4, 2017January 4, 2017 12:00 pm PDT

Crystal Dynamics rebooted Tomb Raider in 2013. The new Lara Croft was better written, and a lot of that comes thanks to Lead Writer Rhianna Pratchett. She worked on both Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider, two tremendous games.

In a flurry of tweets from Crystal Dynamics and Pratchett herself, her departure was officially announced. First, here’s the tweet and a bit of a blurb from Crystal Dynamics.

Next comes Pratchett with a quip and a goodbye.

It’s safe to say Tomb Raider was made better by Pratchett

Before the reboot, Tomb Raider had become a mess of offshoots and remasters that felt pretty poor compared to the original source material. Then Crystal Dynamics (and Pratchett) stepped up and started fresh with Lara Croft.

I like the Tomb Raider series a whole lot more today than the years leading up to 2013, I know I can say that for a fact. Hopefully, whatever Pratchett hits next will be just as good.

Joey Davidson

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