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Han Solo Star Wars film rumored to change release dates

by Sean P. Aune | January 3, 2017January 3, 2017 8:30 am PDT

han solo and chewbacca

According to a new report, Disney may be realizing you shouldn’t mess with a successful formula.

Both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have dominated the box office in December. Last we heard, after the release of Star Wars Episode VIII in Dec. 2017, the schedule would change with the Han Solo standalone film hitting theaters on May 25, 2018. According to information received by Making Star Wars, Disney may be having a change of heart.

Sources inside the film industry are reporting that a new release date is appearing on their schedules listing the film to hit theaters on Dec. 13, 2018. While these sources have been reliable in the past, the information sent to them is sometimes questionable as it passes through many hands. Prior to the release of The Force Awakens there were multiple sources labeling Daisy Ridley’s character as Rey with a specific last name, although that has yet to be officially established.

Why mess with success?

The May 25, 2018, release date has never made much sense from a business perspective. With only a six month gap between Episode VIII and the Han Solo film, there would need to either be overlapping promotional efforts or the Han Solo film would be short changed and have a very accelerated promotional cycle. A release in late May would also put it in the heat of the summer box office season where competition is much higher.

A release in late May would also put it in the heat of the summer box office season where competition is much higher. By staying in the December timeframe Disney has the opportunity to hit a home run every year. Other studios – at least for now – tend to keep blockbusters out of that month, lowering the potential competition.

Nothing is set in stone for either potential release date, but if I was to place a bet, I would definitely be putting my money on Dec. 13, 2018, being the day we finally see the adventures of young Han Solo.

Sean P. Aune

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