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Windows 10 “Game Mode” hinted at in developer build

by Eric Frederiksen | December 30, 2016December 30, 2016 3:30 pm PST

If we’re talking about the console space, Microsoft’s commitment to gaming has increased in the last three years over and over with tons of gamer-friendly initiatives like backwards compatibility and Xbox Play Anywhere. In the PC gaming space, though, Microsoft’s well-intentioned moves have led to one screw-up after another. Now it looks like the company has another well-intentioned move on the way, but this one seems like it might be a good one despite what little information we have so far.

Twitter user h0x0d was digging around in the new Windows 10 developer build and found a new gamemode.dll. The mode itself isn’t complete, but from what’s there it seems the mode looks to improve the gaming experience in Windows PCs by minimizing the resources used by non-game apps, freeing up more resources for the games themselves. It’s expected that the Game Mode will be included in the Creators Update set to be released in early 2017.

It’s worth noting that h0x0d has leaked accurate information about upcoming Windows features before, such as the refresh to MS Paint, also coming in the Creators Update, so this is likely good information.

Where Microsoft’s habit of stumbling comes in is that this mode could be restricted to just Windows Store games, offering games purchased through the Windows store a performance boost over competitors at the cost of access to a wider playerbase. We’re hoping it’ll either be something that users can turn on for any gameĀ or that any developer can make use of. With the Creators update scheduled for this spring, it likely won’t be long before we know whether Microsoft is aiming at the wider game market or not.


Eric Frederiksen

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