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Logan will reportedly feature a huge Marvel cameo

by Brandon Russell | December 28, 2016December 28, 2016 4:00 pm PDT

Come on, you didn’t think Fox would make you wait until 2018 to see Deadpool again, did you?

Before Ryan Reynolds suits up for the upcoming sequel, the Merc With a Mouth will apparently have a quick cameo in next year’s Logan, which stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

The Wrap, citing people with knowledge of the project, claims Deadpool’s appearance will come in a post-credit scene, although it’s unclear what the context is of said scene. Whatever it is, you can be it will be funny.

Could it perhaps reference Deadpool’s ill-fated turn in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which featured a very different portrayal of the character. In that film, Deadpool was a much more powerful mutant who literally didn’t have a mouth.

Needless to say, it was nowhere near the vulgar, sarcastic, and hilarious character fans fell in love with this past February, when Reynolds portrayed a more accurate comic book version of the anti-hero.


Logan looks amazing

Since Reynolds appeared in the 2009 film, he has developed a light-hearted bromance with Jackman. The two regularly poke fun at each other on social media and it looks like we’ll see their friendship develop further onscreen next year.

Logan will feature a darker, grittier look at the mutant world, one in which Wolverine’s healing abilities are deteriorating and Professor X is suffering from an advanced form of Alzheimers. This is supposed to be Hugh Jackman’s last movie in the title role and, based on what we’ve seen, it looks like he’ll be going out with a bang.

Logan is scheduled to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.


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