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Master Ruby on Rails top to bottom with this complete learning package

by Danny Zepeda | December 27, 2016December 27, 2016 5:30 am PDT


Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular web development arenas around for anyone building and distributing their own websites and apps. To fully understand this now-ubiquitous programming environment, you need a full Ruby package like this Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle (over 90% off in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store).

Across 10 courses, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of Ruby…and why huge sites like Basecamp, Twitter, Shopify, Github, and Groupon were all developed using Ruby on Rails. Here’s the full course lineup:

  • Ruby on Rails: The Beginner’s Guide to Ruby on Rails Framework
  • Ruby Programming Module #1: Ruby Fundamentals
  • Ruby Programming Module #2: Learn Variables and Arrays
  • Ruby Programming Module #3: Operators and Exceptions
  • Ruby Programming Module #4: Statements, Loops and Break Concepts
  • Ruby Programming Module #5: Methods, Classes and Objects
  • Ruby Programming Module #6: Learn Symbols, FileIO, Gem and Debugging
  • Ruby Programming Training
  • Ruby Debugging: Learn Debugging in Ruby from Scratch
  • Web Development with Ruby: Learn Ruby Programming and Ruby on Rails Framework

After mastering Ruby, you’ll understand why savvy developers treasure this straightforward, intuitive, go-to framework for web innovation. With Ruby knowledge in your toolbox, you’ll be all set to knock out cool, function-rich web designs more efficiently — and boost your own career as a top-notch web pro.

The package of Ruby courses normally costs $3,000, but you can grab it now at just $39 for a limited time only.

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