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New iPads could be delayed past March thanks to A10x chip production

by Todd Haselton | December 23, 2016December 23, 2016 8:21 am PDT

Manufacturers in charge of developing Apple’s new A10X processors, reportedly bound for the company’s iPads due sometime next spring, may be hitting some speed bumps. The result could possibly end up in delays of Apple’s iPads beyond the expected March launch date, DigiTimes said on Friday.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is heading up development of the 10nm chips, DigiTimes said but isn’t able to build as many as it had hoped to at once. “TSMC is scheduled to start making Apple’s A10X chips for the next-generation iPad series slated for launch in March 2017,” DigiTimes explained. “Unsatisfactory yields for the foundry’s 10nm process could disrupt the schedule, the sources indicated.”

Apple never promised iPads in March

This isn’t necessarily written in stone. For one, Apple can tap other chip-makers to help build processors if it feels that TSMC isn’t able to build enough in time. Also, while we normally expect to iPads in the spring, Apple hasn’t gone on the record promising anything in March just yet, which means there’s really no expectation for it to deliver new iPads in March versus a month or two later.

If, though, we get to that point and we still haven’t heard a whisper as to why Apple hasn’t talked about new iPads, then perhaps we’ll be able to look back at this report to get a better understanding as to why.

Todd Haselton

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