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Dead Rising 4’s first DLC pack brings extra cheer just in time for Christmas

by Eric Frederiksen | December 23, 2016December 23, 2016 9:45 am PDT

Right out of the box, Dead Rising 4‘s town of Willamette, Colorado is decorated to the nines for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Christmas lights dot the greater city, while the mall at its center is in full regalia, complete with the classic North Pole town. The radio stations that play in the cars even have Christmas music playing. That wasn’t enough for Capcom Vancouver, though, and the Stocking Stuffer Holiday pack looks to remedy that.

I played through the entirety of the game when I reviewed it, but I’ve been going back since and picking up the blueprints and other collectibles I’d missed, so I was thrilled to have something new to look at and do as I dove back in.

I hope that’s not how I die

The endless horde of zombies, it turns out, is dressed as Christmas elves, while special characters, like survivors and evolved zombies, are dressed as snowmen and gingerbread costumes. Along with that, there’s a new vehicle and a couple new weapons – the flashiest of which is the light-wrapped baseball bat, obviously inspired by The Walking Dead‘.

The pack doesn’t add a whole lot, as there’s already a huge amount of Christmas-themed content baked into the game, and at $4.99 standalone, it’s tough to justify, but if you picked up the season pass then it’s a nice start to the bonus content the game should see in the coming months.

Eric Frederiksen

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