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Fruit Ninja is now out on PlayStation VR, and it looks absurd

by Joey Davidson | December 22, 2016December 22, 2016 6:00 pm PST

Remember 2010? I do. Six years ago, I was swiping my finger all over my phone in order to cut fruit and dodge bombs. My wife and I routinely had high score contests while hanging out and drinking beer.

That’s right, Fruit Ninja somehow made it to family time.

That fizzled out, of course, as all fads tend to. I remember Fruit Ninja as a fun game, but I never really think of getting back into it.

Fruit Ninja VR, though? This actually looks fantastic. The game is out today for $14.99 on the PlayStation Store.

All the classic modes return with some new twists

The post from Fruit Ninja Marketing Officer Terry Greisbach on the PlayStation Blog details what’s new and old with Fruit Ninja VR.

Classic, Zen, Arcade and Survival Mode all return. What’s better? The bombs have been tweaked.

A Fruit Ninja first has also made its way into the game: you’ll be able to interact with the famous spiralling bombs by deflecting and juggling them without them exploding.

Yeah, this sounds ridiculous. I might be downloading Fruit Ninja tonight. That’s not something I thought I’d say in 2016, but here I am…

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