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BioWare is giving video games away this week, possibly starting with the best game of the decade

by Ron Duwell | December 20, 2016December 20, 2016 1:30 pm PDT

Mass Effect 2 is still my favorite game of the last decade, and not even Final Fantasy XV has been able to usurp it… yet. The game is a towering achievement that combines everything that was important during the previous console generation: storytelling, choice, seamlessly blended action and RPG gameplay, and extensive world-building.

All this can be yours for free! BioWare is getting into the giving spirit of the holidays, and if you have access to an EA Origin account be sure to check out their deals this week!

Last night, BioWare accidentally flipped the switch that made Mass Effect 2 free. It’s no longer free at the moment, but my guess is we’ll be seeing the deal pop up at some point this week, maybe even later today!

Free BioWare games means no free time this holiday

If the entire Mass Effect franchise and Dragon Age: Origins are given away for free this holiday season, then you can kiss away any free time you set aside for spending time with family. Commander Shepard has rogue aliens that need to be dealt with, and there is a Darkspawn blight that must be dealt with.

And who knows? You might even wind up in a galaxy far, far away!

Happy holidays, BioWare! Do you even have the ability to give away Baldur’s Gate anymore?


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