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Super Mario Run DLC? Nintendo has no plans for extra content

by Joey Davidson | December 19, 2016December 19, 2016 8:30 am PDT

Not counting the potential replay time that comes from collecting hard to reach coins and revisiting old levels, Super Mario Run is a relatively short game. Six worlds with three levels and a castle stage in each only amounts to, hold for math… 24 stages.

Granted, there’s more to do in Super Mario Run thanks to then likes of Toad Rally, but the actual Mario game stuff is a little light. As it should be, some would argue, as this experience is meant to whet gaming appetites and push players towards Nintendo hardware.

What about extra content for Super Mario Run, though? Nintendo apparently isn’t planning on it.

The $10 price point for Super Mario Run will get you the full game is it is today, and the game it is today will pretty much be the game it is forever. At least that’s the case according to Nintendo’s current position on the matter. A company spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that Nintendo has no plans to add content to Super Mario Run, free or otherwise.

The complete package, from day one

Gamers often announce frustration with DLC and the lack, saying that they wish they’d be able to buy games in their complete form from release. Nintendo is the stalwart here. They typically make and sell complete games from day one, and it sounds like Super Mario Run will maintain that standard.

Is that okay with gamers, I wonder? Does Super Mario Run‘s content amount justify its price?


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