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The latest Jupiter close flyby from Juno produces great image of “Pearl” and GRS

by Joey Davidson | December 18, 2016December 18, 2016 3:00 pm PST


Juno, the NASA spacecraft currently making its trek around Jupiter, sent back a new picture of the planet. It captures a lot of interesting stuff for the public to see, the most intriguing being the Great Red Sport (GRS) and one of the planet’s Pearls.

The GRS is probably the most famous visual distinction of Jupiter. It’s a massive storm that’s raged on the planet for a long time. It’s shrinking, by the way, which those familiar with the planet will notice when they see the shot above.

The Pearl is that white oval you see on the left side of the planet. Since the mid-80s, there have been up to 9 of these pearls. The pearls are actually, again, massive storms that come and go.

Juno will make 36 more flybys. We’ll see more of Jupiter, too, which is pretty awesome.

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