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Nintendo Switch: Patent reveals wearable VR, not likely to come to fruition

by Joey Davidson | December 16, 2016December 16, 2016 1:30 pm PDT


Here’s an interesting patent diagram that both makes complete sense and will likely never happen. It’s for the Nintendo Switch, and it reveals that the console’s screen unit has a patent for being inserted into a wearable VR headset.

The folks at US Gamer spotted the diagram, and they note that the switch would “slide into the head-mounted display (HMD).” They go on to indicate that the screen’s built-in sensors would allow for head tracking.

This makes complete sense, actually, and I’m sort of surprised that I didn’t think of it before seeing the patent document. Consider all the mobile devices that have the exact same idea, right? Gear VR. Daydream. Pop your phone into a headset and you’re good to go.

Why isn’t this likely to happen?

It comes down to resolution and performance. The folks at PlayStation recently offered that 60fps is the bare minimum for a quality VR experience. The goal should be 90fps. The Switch’s screen supposedly struggles to output at 720p, with the option to drop to 540p for enhanced performance.

I don’t see the Nintendo Switch being powerful enough for genuinely good VR, and I don’t expect Nintendo to go into the medium half-cocked. If they go in at all, honestly. Last I checked, the company’s official stance on VR was that it’s boring.

US Gamer

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