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Resident Evil 7’s first TV spot airs during The Walking Dead

by Ron Duwell | December 14, 2016December 14, 2016 5:00 pm PST

Resident Evil 7 should be thanking The Walking Dead for keeping zombie relevant in our pop-culture atmosphere. The success of Capcom’s series depends on the continuing interest in the undead, and The Walking Dead has done more for the continued popularity of zombies than any other pop-culture franchise over the last half-decade.

And now, the two are working together. Resident Evil scored air-time during this past week’s episode of The Walking Dead with a brand new trailer. Zombies fans, both mainstream audiences and geeks alike, should now be excited for the franchise to return to the forefront of gaming with this most recent entry.

When the 1990s meets the 2010s, magic happens

Two decades, 20 years apart, connected only the nostalgic feelings of those who are now 30 somethings. Jurassic Park, Final Fantasy, Star Wars, and of course, Resident Evil. Much like The Walking Dead nowadays, Resident Evil was the premiere zombie franchise in the world 20 years ago, and it’s a marvel that the franchise is still surviving to this day.

Especially with all of the ups and downs its seen over that time period as well.

Too late for George Romero and too soon for Dead Rising and Zach Snyder, those looking for a very 90s take on zombies need look no further than the first three Resident Evil games on PlayStation Network. Pro tip: Resident Evil 2 is the best.

When you’re done, you’ll have graduated and become ready for the horrors that lie within this latest entry. Resident Evil 7 will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Jan. 24.


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