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Yooka-Laylee release date listed for April, Wii U version officially canceled

by Ron Duwell | December 13, 2016December 13, 2016 1:30 pm PDT

Yooka-Laylee, the colorful indie platformer from Playtonic Games, will see a release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 11. Developer Playtonic updated its audience through the PlayStation Blog last night with the official news.

If the list of platforms looks a bit thinner than usual, it’s because it is. Playtonic also stated to Eurogamer that Yooka-Laylee will not be coming to the Wii U due to “unforeseen technical issues.”

We’re sad to announce that despite our best efforts and exploring every possible avenue, we have encountered unforeseen technical issues that unfortunately mean it will be impossible for us to release Yooka-Laylee on Wii U as initially planned.

And that’s a darn shame, because a good many of the of the backers from the Kickstarter campaign were Nintendo fans looking to recreate the glory days of platformers on the Nintendo 64. The attraction to combining a studio of former Rare developers and a Nintendo console was half of the allure.

Something tells me Nintendo fans won’t have to wait too long for good news.

Of course, Playtonic mentioned the Switch too

The cancellation is of little surprise seeing that the release will come out after the launch of the Nintendo Switch. It’s a move that Stardew Valley pulled off as well. Playtonic also confirmed with Eurogamer that it is working with Nintendo to bring the game to Nintendo’s new platform.

We can however confirm today that we are working very closely with Nintendo to look to bring Yooka-Laylee to the upcoming Nintendo Switch. We’re thrilled to be able to explore the opportunity and more details will be shared in early 2017.

Of course, any backers who pledged for the Wii U version will be able to move their pledge to any of the versions launching on April 11th or upgrade to the Nintendo Switch version when we announce further details in 2017. Thanks again for your incredible support.

Technical limitations, indeed. Yooka-Laylee will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 11.

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