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Pokémon Sun and Moon trainers failed horribly trying to catch 100 million Pokémon

by Joey Davidson | December 13, 2016December 13, 2016 9:30 am PDT

Starting in late November, Pokémon Sun and Moon players were hit with a Global Mission in order to earn some Festival Coins. That worldwide task? They were to catch 100,000,000 Pokémon.

The event is over. The results are in. Us trainers? We tanked. Hard.

With our collective sights set on 100,000,000 Pokémon caught, we brought in 16,423,231. Yes, we were short by around 84 million pocket monsters on this one.

Talk about a near miss, right? Not so much. For participating, users will get 100 Festival Coins.

Why did we fail so hard at the first Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission?

I think it comes down to the need to actually fire up participation. The Festival area is one that not all Pokémon Sun and Moon players visit, yet they had to head there and start the event by playing online and then had to check in regularly to upload their catch numbers.

If the game automatically added up totals without players actually making the effort to participate, the 100,000,000 number probably would have been crushed. Instead, we missed. Big time.

The Japanese site, sourced below, indicates that The Pokémon Company and Game Freak have taken note of the big gap between goal and results, and they will adjust for the second event. Good news there.

Joey Davidson

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