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Galaxy S8 said to adopt this feature from Galaxy Note 7

by Todd Haselton | December 13, 2016December 13, 2016 7:00 am PST

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is set to make its debut sometime this spring, likely around Mobile World Congress or within a few weeks of the show in April. Several reports have suggested Samsung has big plans for the phone, including a new display that allows it to hide the fingerprint reader below the glass. One feature from the Galaxy Note 7 will reportedly live on, too.

ETNews said this week that the Galaxy S8 will employ Y-OCTA display technology that was also used in the Galaxy Note 7. According to SamMobile, this sort of display can help keep the device thinner by attaching touch sensors to the screen instead of adding a thin film below it. The display tech also reportedly helps Samsung cut down on costs. I’m not sure if that means consumers will see much of a visual change in the screen, but that’s good; Samsung offers arguably the best displays on the market, and we expect that trend to continue with the Galaxy S8.

A pretty complicated display…

It might not sound like a big deal for consumers, but sometimes stuff like this can be. If the display has fewer parts, for example, it might mean replacing a cracked screen is less expensive since there are fewer components. I’m not quite sure how this tech will work with the new fingerprint sensor, however, which will also need to be attached to the curved glass panel. I’m excited to find out when Samsung introduces the phone early next year.

SamMobile ETNews

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