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Build machines that can think for themselves with this four-course training bundle — now 91% off

by Danny Zepeda | December 13, 2016December 13, 2016 5:30 am PST


Machine learning and artificial intelligence aren’t really for the mild dabblers; these heady topics require a certain level of commitment. But the payback from completing a learning package like this Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence course bundle? It’ll be invaluable to your resume — and now’s the time to grab it, thanks to its 91% off markdown in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

You’ll get four courses, each centered on using Python to help teach machines to learn from data and refine their results — practically thinking for themselves:

  • Easy Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python: You’ll build systems exploring how computers interact with text and speech, creating automatic summarization, translation, and speech recognition features.
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning Hidden Markov Models in Python: Unlock Hidden Markov Models, a way machines can process huge datasets and start determining what all those results really mean.
  • Cluster Analysis and Unsupervised Machine Learning in Python: Clustering breaks up your large data sets into meaningful subsets, helping machines and you make better, smarter decisions.
  • Data Science: Supervised Machine Learning in Python: Your primer on machine learning: how it works, what it means, and how you can use it to open up amazing career opportunities.

Dive into the next generation of computer advances now with this fascinating and door-opening  package of training, now just $39 for a limited time.

Danny Zepeda

Born and raised in Southern California, Danny grew up on a steady diet Pixar, Star Wars and Steven Spielberg movies. Unbeknownst to him, this was...