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Dragon Quest Heroes II coming only to PlayStation 4 in North America

by Ron Duwell | December 9, 2016December 9, 2016 8:00 pm PDT

Square Enix has confirmed that Dragon Quest Heroes II will be coming to North American shores on April 25, as predicted by a leak earlier this month from Best Buy. However, the announcement is not without its controversies.

In Japan, the game was released only for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita, but North America will only be getting the game for the PlayStation 4 at launch. It is unknown why Square Enix decided not to publish the other two platforms, but it most likely revolves around the PlayStation 3 seeing its last days and the Vita not being as popular in North America as it is in Japan.

World of Final Fantasy and a few other Vita games this year have also started to show signs of being unable to keep up with console versions. No doubt Dragon Quest Heroes II was a hard game to optimize with its hundreds of monsters on screen at one time.

A PC version still might be available down the road

When the original Dragon Quest Heroes came to North America, it also only came to the PlayStation 4. Square Enix made a surprise announcement not long afterward that saw it comes to the PC.

Depending on how well the game did through Steam, it might be possible that the sequel could follow the same path. Dragon Quest Heroes II will come to the PlayStation  on April 25.

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