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Spider-Man: Homecoming—See Spider-Man take flight in first official clip

by Brandon Russell | December 7, 2016December 7, 2016 12:00 pm PST

Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan makes an appearance in the very first footage from Spider-Man: Homecoming, which features a new suit upgrade for Tom Holland’s Spidey.

The footage is, as has often become the practice, a teaser of a teaser. Even though it’s short we still get an idea of what the movie will be like. Tom Holland is as excitable as ever in the title role, accepting a generous gift from Tony Stark without hesitation.

Marvel said the full-length trailer will air tomorrow during Jimmy Kimmel Live, so we’ll have even more Spidey action soon. For now, check out the footage in the Tweet down below to see what kind of shenanigans Spider-Man will be up to.

Web wings!

Although they were largely cosmetic in the comics, Spidey’s new web wings look like they’ll allow him to soar like a flying squirrel in the film. In the teaser, he wastes no time testing them out, soaring over a helicopter with the greatest of ease.

What’s with the Spider-Man pajamas he’s wearing? Whatever suit he’s wearing looks a lot different than what we saw in Captain America: Civil War. Even Hogan questions his sartorial choice.

Spider-Man’s mechanical web shooters are clearly visible and it looks like he’s wearing some kind of sweat suit. Maybe he just got back from the gym?

Check back tomorrow for the full trailer.

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