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iPhone 6s battery failures continue, Apple says patch coming

by Todd Haselton | December 6, 2016December 6, 2016 10:00 am PDT

New of Apple’s iPhone 6s has been making the rounds again after Apple confirmed that a batch of units need to have their batteries replaced. The admission followed complaints that some iPhone 6s units were shutting off with 30 percent of battery life still left in the tank. It’s annoying, sure, but Apple says it’s not a safety issue. Better yet, an update is in the works that might help solve the problem.

Apple had originally called on users to have the batteries replaced entirely, though there might be something it can do to prevent users from having to swap out batteries. Apple recently confirmed to Business Insider that it’s working on a software update that will roll out to iPhone 6s users as soon as next week. The patch will apparently help Apple take a closer look at what’s going on inside a large number of iPhone 6s units.

iPhone 6s software update will help Apple understand battery problems

“This will allow us to gather information over the coming weeks which may potentially help us improve the algorithms used to manage battery performance and shutdown,” Apple said. “If such improvements can be made, they will be delivered in future software updates.”

Apple doesn’t confirm that a software update is going to be the only fix, which means some iPhone 6s owners may have to get their batteries replaced. But there’s a chance, and next week’s patch will help Apple make the call. We’ll let you know when the diagnostics patch drops so you can update. In the meantime, read our earlier report to find out if your iPhone 6s unit is affected.

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