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BoxBoy 3 confirmed for Nintendo 3DS, coming with an adorable amiibo

by Ron Duwell | December 6, 2016December 6, 2016 6:00 pm PDT

Nintendo and HAL Laboratory are giving their BoxBoy franchise one more spin on the Nintendo 3DS, appropriately titling this third entry Goodbye! BoxBoy!

Oh, don’t make me feel so sad, Nintendo! I don’t want BoxBoy to go anywhere!

The game will be released in Japan this coming February, meaning we will most likely be seeing it before the end of the summer. The game will also come with a BoxBoy amiibo, the first for the franchise, and Japanese buyers can pick it up along with the game and the soundtrack in a single bundle.

No word if we’re getting that in North America.

We love BoxBoy so much, we don’t want to say goodbye!

The last time a franchise I loved had the word “goodbye” in the title, or “sayonara” in Japanese at least, was Sayonara Umihara Kawase, and that too turned out to be the last game in the cult-platforming series. I know the Nintendo 3DS is going to be dated once the Nintendo Switch comes out, but BoxBoy can still be enjoyed from that platform too, can’t it Nintendo?

The series has become a fan-favorite on the Nintendo 3DS, and this announcement is a firm reminder that I still need to beat the second game. Oops…

For those who haven’t bought into the series yet, consider this your awakening. Both the character and games have the same endearing quality as any Nintendo franchise, and it will charm you for hours on end. Plus, they only cost $5 each, so it will provide all the joy for a fraction of the price!

Goodbye! BoxBoy! will be released in Japan in February for the Nintendo 3DS.


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