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Fix the NES Classic’s biggest flaw with this accessory

by Brandon Russell | December 3, 2016December 3, 2016 2:00 pm PDT

People love the new NES Classic because it offers a simple way to experience some of Nintendo’s best games on modern TVs. The only problem: The wired controllers are infuriatingly short.

Thankfully, there’s already a solution. 8bitdo has a new Retro Receiver that allows users to use Bluetooth controllers with the NES Classic, making it infinitely more fun to use.

The receiver doesn’t just support 8bitdo’s own controllers either. It’s also compatible with the DualShock 4, Wiimote, and Wii U Pro controllers, among others.

The receiver comes with a NES30 Controller, which features 20 hours of battery life (and also works with Mac, PC, and iOS). The receiver and controller combo is pricey at $39.99, but it’s worth it.

You can preorder the receiver and controller combo from Amazon now, with shipments expected to go out on Dec. 16.

Good luck finding an NES Classic

Since going on sale earlier this month, the NES Classic has been extremely difficult to find. Even searching on Amazon now the console is only being sold by third-party sellers, with prices upwards of $200 (it retails for $60).

Hopefully, with a little luck, more units will be available before Christmas, but based on the way things have been going, your chances of finding an NES Classic before the New Year is slim to none.

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