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Oh, so this is the real Final Fantasy XV launch trailer?

by Ron Duwell | November 30, 2016November 30, 2016 4:00 pm PST

I thought yesterday’s Final Fantasy XV “Stand Together” launch trailer was a little bit weird. Cool, but definitely a bit off-kilter from what we are used to seeing. Turns out that it was just a fun little project for Square Enix, and the real launch trailer is available now!

This “Ride Together” much more closely fits the bill for modern entertainment. Huge, flashy, loaded with action beats and one-liners, a hip-hop song, and that unmistakable Hollywood “fade to black” editing style.

All it needs is an Inception WHOOMMMM, and you’d think this trailer was cut in a Hollywood trailer factory.

I think I prefer The Goonies in my Final Fantasy trailers

Well, that certainly was interesting. Square Enix is doing everything it can to attract a wide audience into this game, and this trailer definitely speaks to a different demographic than yesterday’s.

I think I prefer yesterday’s, too. “Stand By Me” playing in the background as kids pretend to play Final Fantasy in their backyard touches the sentimentality zone in my brain. I’m 31-years-old now, and Final Fantasy is about nostalgia just as much as it is about new adventures for me. This is why images from my childhood Final Fantasy adventures touch a bit deeper.

But to each his own. Final Fantasy XV is out now, and from the bit I’ve played of it, everyone should be on board with it. Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Expect our review in a week or so.

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