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Westworld’s season finale will be 90 minutes long

by Eric Frederiksen | November 29, 2016November 29, 2016 1:30 pm PST

Westworld has been revealing secrets at a breakneck pace the last few weeks. The season is almost over, though, and just one episode remains. A few questions are still dangling in the air, but the 90-minute finale promises to answer just enough of them to keep us hungry.

“We weren’t interested in spinning out mysteries with no answers in sight,” said showrunner Jonathan Nolan in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Our goal is to tell an ambitious story in season-long chapters, each with a distinct feel and theme.”

“Most of the questions viewers have will be resolved in the final episodes,” said Lisa Joy, co-creator and executive producer on the show. “Except for the most important one: what happens next.

Nolan, who directed the Westworld pilot, is also directing the 90-minute finale. Hopefully, he’s picked up a few tricks from his brother, Christopher Nolan.

We hope this show won’t get Lost

With a show like Westworld, it’s always a worry that the creators haven’t yet figured out where they’re going. We won’t know for a few years yet whether Nolan and Joy will fall victim to that problem. Somewhat self-contained seasons should, hopefully, help rein in some of the problems that have plagued shows like Twin Peaks and Lost that have gone from mysterious to confused before they could finish out.

Westworld‘s season finale airs this Sunday, December 4, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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