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Ubisoft continues to pile love on the Nintendo Switch

by Ron Duwell | November 28, 2016November 28, 2016 10:00 am PST

If one company loves the Nintendo Switch more than any other, it has to be Ubisoft. The company’s spokespeople have been on record saying nice things about the console more times than even Nintendo!

The latest praise comes from Ubisoft EMEA boss Alain Corre speaking with Famitsu. He says he has “big expectations” for the console, and believes it will expand the possibilities of what games can do.

We have big expectations for the innovative Nintendo Switch. Our Just Dance franchise, for example, is one that people enjoy with families. With the Nintendo Switch in hand, children, their parents, or even their grandparents, would be able to dance out in the backyard on holidays. Doesn’t that sound exciting (laughs)? The hardware really helps expand the possibilities of fun, people of all ages will be able to play games anywhere. We hope to have a wide variety of software available, but we’re unable to go into details just yet. Sorry (laughs).

Why all the Ubisoft love these days?

I get that Ubisoft wants the Nintendo fans on its side, but it didn’t have this many nice things to say about the Wii U. While it was one of the last major third-party companies to drop support of Nintendo’s previous console, it never supported it with the same enthusiasm that the Switch is getting now.

If we look at what Ubisoft has available, we know that Let’s Dance is going to be big no matter the console. Maybe it just sells better on Nintendo consoles. Ubisoft also seems to have dedicated Rayman to Nintendo’s cause as well, putting him as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. and originally developing Rayman Legends as an exclusive for the Wii U.

Let’s not forget that Beyond Good & Evil 2 has a rumor swirling around it that says Nintendo is forking the bill for exclusivity rights. While I’m still doubting this rumor, that would give Ubisoft reason to praise the Switch this much.

Or, if we take a less cynical approach, maybe the people at Ubisoft are just this excited to play it! I know I am, so what’s the difference between them and me?

Ron Duwell

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