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Nintendo Switch has “interesting potential,” says Atlus

by Joey Davidson | November 28, 2016November 28, 2016 6:30 pm PST

While not nearly the type of praise lavished on the Nintendo Switch by the likes of Ubisoft and Bethesda, you can add Atlus to the ranks of publishers positively speaking about the upcoming console.

Atlus CEO Naota Hiraoka had this to say about the company’s position in regards to Nintendo’s next platform:

Our participation as a publisher for the Nintendo Switch has been announced, and while we don’t have any news on that front to share, the device is making for some interesting potential.

“Interesting potential” doesn’t really sound like Atlus is diving face first into the Nintendo Switch. The company is likely taking a more cautious approach with the Nintendo Switch in light of what happened with the Wii U. That makes good business sense.

Atlus recognized the “dark time” for Japanese games

Atlus went on to highlight their continued push into JRPG development, highlighting specifically how they’ve managed to appeal to the western world once more.:

In recent years, Atlus has been working on our branding strategy. The Japanese subculture consists of games, manga, anime and so on, and we focus on gaming as the core of our activities, hoping to become a leader, while delivering the best creative content to our fans. There was a stage where Japanese games went through a dark time.

However, with the appearance of the likes of Demon’s Souls, Persona 4 and Catherine, we were able to deliver products which caught the eye of overseas consumers once again. Atlus’ strength is developing RPGs, and creating what we are good at to deliver something enjoyable. That this elicits positive reactions from fans is our greatest pleasure.

They’ve had my attention for something like a decade now. I hope that continues, regardless of the platforms they make games for.

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