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Fully electric McLaren P1 hits the track in breathtaking video

by Todd Haselton | November 26, 2016November 26, 2016 11:00 am PDT

I hope you’re sitting down, because McLaren recently published behind-the-scenes footage of a fully-electric McLaren P1 hitting the race track. Oddly, there’s an incredibly young driver behind the wheel, which is pretty crazy considering the muscle that’s sitting under the hood of this sports car.

The original hybrid McLaren P1, the successor to the popular McLaren F1, launched in October 2013 when McLaren took just 375 orders for the car. The vehicle sold out in just months, which means demand for the all-electric one is probably going to be off the charts. You’re going to have to be pretty tiny to get in the seat of this race car, though; these things aren’t meant for just anyone to drive, after all.

The all-electric version of the McLaren P1 is also fairly limited in its scope. It can race to speeds of 3 miles per hour in just two seconds, fast enough to chase after the family dog no doubt, and maybe even kick dust in the face of a few Power Wheels in the cul de sac. And note something else the original McLaren P1 doesn’t have: an open top. Feel free to let the wind race through your hair as you speed around the block, juice box in hand, winking at the neighbors as they sit, watching full of jealousy from their bedroom windows. You’ve worked hard for this ride, it’s OK to show it off.

Spoiler: The electric McLaren P1 isn’t what you think it is

If you haven’t caught on by now, spoiler alert: this is a kid’s toy, a regular electric-powered go-cart of sorts, though likely a very expensive one. It’s a new model version of the McLaren P1 designed for children aged three to six years of age that, yes, runs on electric battery power. And that breathtaking video a mentioned in the headline? Well, it is pretty darn breathtaking if you consider how freakin’ cute the kid is.

Have extra cash or a fat credit line? We can pretty much guarantee at least a hug if your kid finds this under the Christmas tree this year. Check out the quick clip below:

Todd Haselton

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