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Samsung France sends free gifts to former Galaxy Note 7 owners

Samsung France has begun sending free 128GB microSD cards to former Galaxy Note 7 owners. It is also running a contest that gives 1,000 lucky winners the chance to attend its new virtual reality theme park in Paris.

Samsung has publicly apologized for the Note 7 fiasco, which forced the company to eventually cease production of the device and recall all units for a second time after it failed to solve an issue that caused some batteries to explode.

The South Korean firm has also tried to appease unhappy Note 7 owners with discounts on other Galaxy smartphones. But Samsung France is going a step further, sending out 128GB microSD cards that typically sell for around $100 (when they’re not on sale).

The letter the microSD card comes attached to also details a contest Samsung is holding that gives former Note 7 owners the chance to attend its new virtual reality theme park. All they need to do is send a text message.

“Samsung says all you have to do to enter is respond to the text they send out tomorrow, and the first 1,000 respondents will win a trip to the park, all expenses paid,” explains Android Authority. “The experience will be held on the 20th and 27th of December.”

Samsung is certainly doing its best to help fans forget about the Note 7 fiasco and retain their loyalty, but as far as we can tell, this giveaway is currently for customers in France only. It’s unclear whether Samsung will extend it to other territories.

Killian Bell

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