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Pokémon Sun and Moon game-breaking glitch turns out to be cheaters’ fault

by Joey Davidson | November 23, 2016November 23, 2016 11:30 am PST

Reports of a glitch in Pokémon Sun and Moon have spread around the internet in recent days. The game, according to cranky gamers, will encounter a game-breaking bug at times if you save in Pokécenters.

That’s a huge problem. It’s also a glitch that likely only exists for cheaters. Oh boy.

Pokémon Sun and Moon‘s game-breaking glitch comes because of a save editor

The creator of the PKHeX save editing program stepped up on Twitter to call out these cheaters. The glitch, according to Kaphotics, is a known bug for his program.

Kaphonics explained that “it’s PKHeX’s Trainer Info editor” at work here. It’s a glitch that’s since been fixed, too.

Don’t feel too bad for these players who lost their save files. They were cheating, and it’s likely that they’ll be able to return to their “progress” with the tool.


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